Daria Prozorova's exhibition "Music of Color"

08 February 2023

The personal exhibition of the artist-painter Daria Prozorova "Music of Color" presents about 30 works made on canvas in a special experimental technique combining classical painting techniques with new author's developments of the last three years.

Daria is a multiple prize–winner of international competitions, a member of the St. Petersburg Writers' Union, the Union of Artists of Russia, the Union of Russian Artists. Her paintings are in private and museum collections all over the world: Russia, Finland, Poland, Italy, China, USA, Israel.

The exhibition "Music of Color" is a project in which there is a game with the senses of the viewer. Each work, in addition to color and subject compositions, contains a meaning that can be revealed through another component – audible – awakening a special look at the content of the picture. The key here is the rhythm of the picture, and not the plot depicted on it.

You will hear the rustling of the passing summer, the north wind, the purple rain, the song of ice and light. You will see how the moon dance sounds, the fire inside, the blooming magnolia, the pool of heaven and moments of inspiration.

We are waiting for you in the foyer of the Concert Hall "U Finlandsky" on Arsenalnaya nab., 13

The exhibition will last until the end of February 2023.


St. Petersburg,
Arsenalnaya embankment, 13/1.

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