About the Hall

In 2018, St. Petersburg solemnly celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the Concert Hall "At Finlyandsky". The name - Concert Hall "At Finlyandskogo" - unofficial, everyday. That's what the people of our city call it! This is one of the main recognitions that the hall, which opened its doors to spectators in 1958, has long been a favorite place for St. Petersburg residents and guests of the Northern capital.

The Concert Hall "At Finlyandskogo" is the first concert hall in the city of Leningrad. Its stage hosted world-class composers and performers: Dmitry Shostakovich, Elena Obraztsova, Lyudmila Zykina, Boris Shtokolov, David Goloshchekin, Andrey Petrov, Mikael Tariverdiev, Mark Fradkin, Yan Frenkel, Oleg Lundstrem, Anatoly Kroll, the best pop singers of Russia: Lyudmila Senchina , Eduard Khil, Anna German, Edita Piekha and other stars. Creative meetings and literary evenings were held with constant success with the participation of famous theater and film actors: Vladimir Vysotsky, Zinovy ​​Gerdt, Mikhail Kozakov, Sergei Yursky, Alexander Filippenko, Veniamin Smekhov, performers Viktor Tsoi, Bulat Okudzhava, Veronika Dolina, Yuri Kukin, Oleg Mityaev. Elena Kamburova, Oleg Pogudin, Larisa Rubalskaya, Timur Shaov, Yuri Okhochinsky, Alexander Gorodnitsky, Alexander Dolsky, Evgenia Smolyaninova, Efim Shifrin and other luminaries of the national stage and stage have long been chosen by the concert hall "At Finlyandsky". Famous composers, directors, actors and even politicians choose this beautiful, cozy and hospitable hall for meetings with the public.

Repertoire policy hall is diverse, from children's performances to the most complex ballet performances, from creative meetings to concerts of symphony concerts. Concert hall always remains an important and integral part of the cultural life of the Northern capital.


St. Petersburg,
Arsenalnaya embankment, 13/1.

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