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Transmit meter readings through the application "Public Services.The House"

29 May 2024

"Public services.Dom is a mobile platform for solving all issues in the housing and communal services industry in one window. Today, the application is already used by more than 1 million Russians.
Through "Public Services.Dom" is convenient not only to pay bills, but also to participate in meetings of owners online, study reports on income and expenses of the management organization, receive information about the timing of major repairs, and also send appeals to the housing inspectorate if necessary. You can send an application to the management organization via a smart chatbot. During the operation of the application, the number of applications sent exceeded 300 thousand, 230 thousand users have already solved their questions.

The application is constantly updated taking into account user comments and suggestions. Now the automatic data recognition function on the counter is implemented in test mode: the user just needs to point the camera and check the correctness of the recognized digits. For the convenience of scanning, the smartphone automatically turns on the flashlight.

Before sending readings, the application displays data from the previous period and calculates the consumption. If the current reading turns out to be less than the previous one or the consumption this month is higher than the average, a warning will be displayed with a suggestion to double-check the data. This will help to avoid errors and recalculations. The data can be updated until the end of the transmission period. The value that was entered last by the time the reading window was closed will be sent.

You can also sign metering devices in the application: this is convenient if more than one meter is installed in the apartment for each resource. As the date of meter verification approaches, the application will remind you of the need to carry out verification in order to avoid an increase in bills for housing and communal services. It is also convenient to monitor the monthly consumption of water and electricity through the application: expenses for previous periods are stored in the history of readings.

To log in to the application, it is enough to enter the username and password from the verified account on public services. Data on real estate, metering devices and invoices will be loaded automatically. If this has not happened, you can apply for the management organization to update the data.

The application was created on the basis of the state information system of housing and communal services. The digital solution is being developed by Information System Operator JSC with the support of the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Finance of Russia. The application is available for download in RuStore, AppStore, Google Play and AppGallery. For questions related to the operation of the service, you can contact us by e-mail mpdom@dom.gosuslugi.ru .



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