Waste management materials

29 May 2024

The Russian Environmental Operator (PPK REO) has developed an extensive set of photos, videos, lectures and interactive courses on waste management. All these materials can be used and distributed for free.

What is available:

  • A media bank with more than 1,000 pieces of content to promote the topic of TKO
  • The Green School educational platform with video lessons on waste and recycling
  • The "Green Course" course for industry professionals and students
  • Interactive course "Ecovolonter's Diary" - 12 lessons about volunteering
  • Cartoons of the project "Helpers of the Earth"

Distribute these materials in educational institutions, hospitals, and centers - help promote a culture of conscious consumption and separate collection!

Links to all resources on the website of PPK "REO": https://reo.ru/



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